Digital platform ecosystems: From information transactions to collaboration impact

Chronéer, Diana : Luleå university of technology, Sweden; Johansson, Jeaneth : Luleå university of technology, Sweden; Nilsson, Michael : Luleå university of technology, Sweden; Runardotter, Mari : Luleå university of technology, Sweden

From: 2017 ISPIM Innovation Conference (Vienna)



The fourth industrial revolution triggere?. By interned development provides opportunities for development of a digitalized industry, "Industry 4.0", which make the manufacturing industry, call for development of intelligent manufacturing. B2B innovation ecosystems of digital platforms have emerged to meet the demands of firms to enhance their innovation capacity through networking in the global knowledge economy. The purpose of this paper is to explore collaboration challenges and mechanisms for reaching value creation in the context of key actors' development of a B2B digital platform ecosystem for fostering open innovation in the manufacturing industry. The paper addresses collaboration challenges key partners face in the development of B2B digital platform ecosystems in early phases. What is the core mechanisms' fostering value creation and what is serving as barriers in the development of a sustainable digital platform collaboration model?.

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